A Balancing Act

AdTradr delivers advanced programmatic and real-time bidding solutions, built around the needs of publishers and marketers, reinforcing the balance in a highly dynamic advertising ecosystem.

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The Human Factor

We believe that technology can only be as good as the people behind it

The ad tech industry is advancing so rapidly that many professionals are not fully aware of the way the products they use every day work. This is why at AdTradr each and every client gets a personal account manager who communicates directly with the marketing team to understand their needs and to help them navigate this relatively complex field.
Our personalized approach, tailored to both publishers and marketers, is fully embedded into every part of our technology. No algorithm can fully map the connections between data and strategy, and independently produce a bespoke solution that aligns with the client's personal needs. This is where our close-knit team of creative minds, developers, and ad ops truly delivers. We analyze, we think abstract, we take into consideration the elusive human nature, and we use these insights to build digital experiences that delight and inspire action.

Data and Analysis

Forget about endless tables and slowly loading report pages

A typical campaign produces millions of data points, which to a naked eye appear as isolated numbers and disconnected facts. We take this raw data and visualize it in a way that makes more sense by highlighting the patterns and connections that really matter. Our technology allows you to detect, confirm and properly quantify campaign insights at a glance. We handle programmatic and RTB campaigns, third-party systems reports, and A/B testing equally well.

Our Clients

Case Studies

Publisher case studies

Learn how Dubizzle, a leading classifieds website in the Middle East and North Africa, leveraged our personalized optimization approach to pursue higher revenue targets.

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Learn how, a userfriendly classifieds platform in the US, achieve 329% revenue growth by leveraging AdTradr's extensive trading scale and relationships.

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Find out how Adtradr helped Sandesh, a leading Gujarati newspaper, achieve 147% CPM growth by optimizing the decision making process and eliminating latency.

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Marketers case studies

Explore how interactive HTML 5 creatives and strategic media buying optimisations contributed to 510% growth in conversions, establishing greater awareness, stimulating engagement and driving sales.

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Citroen Cactus

Lighthearted creatives, regionally-specific audience insight, and streamlined media buying across 19 networks and exchanges resulted in twice the average CTR and 143% more impressions than estimated.

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Citroen DS5

Find out how precise interest-based targeting, multi-channel traffic acquisition, and engaging creatives helped outperform campaign predictions with 115%.

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Highly customized dynamic creatives helped G-shop reach further with their message, target and engage more effectively with customers and attract eyeballs in a highly saturated market.

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