The Process

We make campaign running a seamless 6 step journey.

The Mobius demand-side platform (DSP) is a product built by AdTradr and designed to serve the needs of all marketers.

You submit a campaign request here.

(2 minutes)

We discuss your marketing objectives and map out campaign strategies.

(15 minutes)

You fill out an Insertion Order and sign the AdTradr Advertising Service Agreement.

(20 minutes)

Ad creatives run through the Mobius approval process.

(48 - 96 h)

We provide you with tracking pixels which feed data to the Mobius Client Panel, where you can monitor your campaign performance.

(panel access granted 24 hours after the pixels are activated)

We run initial A / B testing, followed by continuous optimization and periodic data comparisons to avoid discrepancies.

(throughout the entire campaign)




Spread your message across a wide array of popular websites with a rich portfolio of display formats.



Enhance CPC performance with strategic keywords, creative copywriting, and optimized bid management.



Engage eyeballs with innovative pre-, mid-roll, overlay and rich media.



Address audiences at their most receptive moments across major social platforms.



Maximize exposure and reach audiences on the go with mobile web and in-app presence.



Stimulate engagement by creating synergy between your ads and their environment.

One Solution

At Mobius we plan, design, and serve all things digital. We provide a comprehensive tool box of nifty ad gadgets that help advertisers tap emerging media in previously unimagined ways. Extensive reach, advanced control tools, unparalleled decision making, actionable insight, and creative excellence make up the fabric of Mobius Ads.


Advanced media buying capabilities

RTB allows advertisers to buy inventory on a per-impression level, helping them spend their budget where it matters the most. It automates and accelerates the media buying process making it less labor-intensive and error prone, thus allowing for greater efficiency.
The Mobius DSP is an RTB solution by AdTradr, which facilitates a direct interaction between supply and demand forces. This interaction determines the price of impressions in a fair and transparent market. With Mobius you gain centralized access to a vendor-neutral RTB ecosystem, designed to give marketers the capability to make better data-driven media buying decisions in real time.


Engage audiences at scale, across all digital touch points

AdTradr enables you to connect with users at a controlled frequency across all digital channels. From global exchanges and local networks to supply-side partners (SSPs), the Mobius DSP selects the highest-performing supply sources to help you reach the audience you want at the scale you need.
Our extensive trading relationships allow us to access inventory at a better price and deploy your budget more effectively. By eliminating the inefficiencies we help advertisers cut unnecessary ad spend and maximize ROAS.


Target precisely, at scale, exactly where your clients are

The key to driving performance and keeping costs down is relevance. We make sure your money is going in the right direction by placing your ad in front of the right audience, in the right location, at the right time. Every time.
We look beyond basic demographics and explore broad passions and niche curiosities. We then leverage these insights to build a more precise audience profile and achieve higher ad engagement.


Convert past visitors into customers and drive sales

Need a second chance to close the deal? Retargeting helps to re-engage lost visitors and convert them into prospective buyers. Retargeted visitors are on average 70% more likely to convert.
Choose from a wide range of retargeting strategies, each relevant to a particular business model or stage in the conversion process. Dynamic, sequential, video and display retargeting - when used appropriately, each can contribute to a more personalized digital experience that drives engagement.


Ad environment, dayparting, brand safety, and visibility management

Align your advertising environment with your brand image. Set your dayparting to reach customers when they are most receptive. Control how often they view your ads through accurate frequency and recency capping.
These control tools help marketers save money and valuable ad impressions, while also reducing the threat of brand exhaustion amongst consumers. Our tagless integration with Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify prevents your ads from appearing in non-brand-safe environments.


We turn data into insight and leverage this insight to drive business outcomes

We take raw numbers and isolated facts and transform them into a visual landscape that helps you see the connections and patterns that matter. We use this insight to create emotionally resonant campaigns.
Our reporting capabilities capture your campaigning performance from all angles and in great depth, allowing you to uncover insights that will not only optimize campaign performance but will also help you uncover new growth opportunities.


Understanding the connection between data and strategy

A dedicated team of data specialists are always on site, happy to take the time to understand your business needs and translate them into strategy. We combine machine learning with human expertise to build holistic analysis and deliver optimal results.
We built Mobius DSP as a managed platform for two key reasons: to simplify the campaign running process for our clients and to maximize our operational efficiency. We do the heavy lifting for you - we run all operational tasks, analyze your campaign data, and optimize accordingly, saving you time and resources better spent on strategy and creative innovation.


Creating a data-informed culture

The Mobius DSP is fully integrated with all major data providers. We use first and third-party data mapping to build more accurate audience profiles. To add to this, our team of data specialists are always ready to provide additional recommendations for external data providers whose audience segmentation may prove particularly relevant to you.


Ads that capture the imagination and inspire action

Humans are hardwired for stories. This is why we have assembled a close-knit team of creative minds, developers, and ad nerds whose job is to transform your ads into resonant pieces that inspires action. We provide the structure and the platform for your message to be fully realized.
Our HTML5 portfolio offers a rich diversity of dynamic, rich media and video formats that can be highly customized to fit your needs. The creatives are designed to be fully compatible with all major platforms.


We help media planners confirm and properly quantify their assumptions with statistically significant data

It’s about understanding the client’s specific needs for effective marketing, and translating those needs into roadmaps for development. At AdTradr, we take the time to fully understand the client’s product, its particularities, market environment, and competitors. We provide availability reports, run custom-tailored market analysis and consolidate all this information into a clear campaign trajectory.