Marketer Terms

AdTradr is committed to offering advanced media buying solutions while adhering to strict rules and regulations that aim to protect the parties involved in the advertising process. These guidelines may be updated by AdTradr at any time. By using the services provided by AdTradr, marketers agree to these guidelines and any updated version of them. In case of an update, AdTradr will use adequate effort to notify its clients about the changes. AdTradr reserves the right to decline contractual requests from prospective clients or to terminate existing contracts at its sole discretion.


To ensure the safety and quality of advertising content and the protection of personal infor-mation, the following materials are strictly prohibited:

  • Gambling-related content;
  • Adult-oriented content or video chats;
  • Sales of weapons and ammunitions;
  • Tobacco products;
  • Content infringing or promoting the infringement of intellectual property;
  • Promotion of narcotic substances and prescription drugs;
  • Pay-per-click or pay-per-search programs;
  • Materials not stored on AdTradr servers but directly imported from Client’s server or a third Party;
  • Ads that directly initiate a software download when clicked;
  • Ads containing viruses or malware;
  • Webpages that misuse confidential information;
  • Ads leading to empty content pages;
  • Ads containing external pixels which generate artificial traffic;
  • False or misleading advertising;
  • Advertising claims based on data not entirely owned by Client;
  • Ad materials that do not comply with the technical specifications determined by AdTradr, such as file size, link activity, clickTAG validity and other specifications provided by AdTradr in a separate file;
  • Advertising links containing end users’ personal information including name, email address, and physical address;
  • Ads leading to incomplete or empty pages;
  • Ads aiming to undermine a competitive brand or a particular group of people;
  • Content promoting excessive dieting, medical treatments, and other manipulations which may prove hazardous to one’s health.

All clients are required to provide proof of ownership or representative rights over the adver-tised product. The client is expected to have direct control over the landing page and the capac-ity to implement AdTradr’s tracking codes as instructed. To ensure accuracy in audience targeting, AdTradr reserves the right to request programmatic connection to marketers’ accounts in the systems of third parties such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook, FBX, and others. This connection does not require the sharing of any personal or login information.

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Latest update: March 12, 2016


Payment shall be made 50% upfront, within 5 (five) calendar days of signing the AdTradr Adver-tising Service Agreement, and 50% at the end of the campaign, within 5 (five) calendar days of invoice receipt. The available payment options include bank transfer and Paypal transfer.