Publisher Terms

AdTradr is committed to providing publishers with top quality ad serving and programmatic selling solutions. While doing so, we adhere to the terms and guidelines described below. By working with AdTradr, publishers agree to these terms and any updated version of them. Should any changes be made to these terms, AdTradr will use adequate efforts to notify its clients. AdTradr reserves the right to accept, decline or terminate its relationship with websites at its sole discretion.

Website Content Guidelines - Banned categories:
  • Adult content;
  • Gambling;
  • Sale of weapons or ammunition;
  • Sale of tobacco;
  • Content facilitating or encouraging copyright infringement;
  • Content promoting hate or discrimination;
  • Extreme violence and excessive profanity;
  • Content promoting illegal drugs, illicit or harmful activity;
  • Pay per click or pay per search programs;
  • Chat/Instant messaging, video chat and live streaming;
  • Significant unmoderated user-generated content.
Original content requirements:

To be eligible to use AdTradr's services, the website must bring value to its users by featuring substantial and original content. We would not approve websites that:

  • Bring little or no value to the user;
  • Have little content other than ads;
  • Lack an engaged user base (Alexa ranking above 100,000);
  • Are undeveloped or under construction.
Ad implementation guidelines:

Websites that perform any of the following actions will not be approved by AdTradr:

  • Initiate a download without the user's consent;
  • Change the settings of the user;
  • Redirect traffic to different domains;
  • Artificially inflate impressions, clicks, and/or ad requests;
  • Contain pixels from other root domains with the sole purpose of boosting impressions;
  • Distribute, install, or launch malware applications, viruses, system errors, and system warnings;
  • Are hidden behind a login screen;
  • Encourage the user to click on ads;
  • Lead to "dead-end" pages which can only be exited by clicking on an ad;
  • Are deemed disreputable or unsafe by industry malware-detection services;
  • Are banned from major ad networks, including Google AdSense.
Guidelines on position and number of ad units

Any website that uses AdTradr's services must adhere to the following policies:

  • Ads must be clearly separated from the rest of the webpage content;
  • Ads must not be obscured in any way;
  • The ad code must not be altered in any way;
  • Ads cannot be placed within iframes, obscuring the true domain where the ads are shown;
  • Ads must not appear in pop-ups, pop-unders, emails, and downloadable applications;
  • Pages showing ads cannot be refreshed artificially unless the page content has changed significantly;
  • No more than 3 ads can be within the user field of view at any given moment;
  • No more than 5 ads can be placed on a single page provided no more than 3 are visible at the same time.

AdTradr will only approve websites with sizable organic traffic. Publishers are not permitted to cause users to click on ads unintentionally or drive excessive attention to ad units. Our ads are not meant for children under 13 and any website with a disproportionately high ratio of audience aged under 13 will not be granted approval to use AdTradr's service.

Site ownership

To implement the AdTradr ad code on their website, the client must have ownership of the website or be given the authority to do so by the owner. The publisher is obligated to ensure that the ads are not being resold to another entity.


Publishers receive automatic payments on Net 25. The minimum transferable amount is 100 USD. Balances under 100 USD will carry over to the next month. All payments are issued in US dollars, regardless of the local currency. Publishers can choose to be paid via bank wire or PayPal. Any bank fees incurred from the publisher's bank, currency conversion discrepancies, applicable taxes, and other fees are covered by the publisher. AdTradr will not cover additional expenses, fees, and taxes, other than AdTradr's own taxes.